Sales and Marketing
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Sales & Marketing

Building an effective sales strategy with integrated marketing support is a cornerstone of a successful product strategy. We excel in top-to-bottom sales funnel strategies and execution across sales and marketing disciplines.

Sales & Marketing

Strategy & Execution

You know your product or service and where you want to go with your business. Without a good sales and marketing strategy, how are you going to reach your goals?  Without solid execution, you run the risk of wasting time and money. We help you define not just path to reach your goals, but execute on that strategy to get you there.

Outbound Lead Gen

Cold outreach is more effective than ever for B2B sales through LinkedIn. We'll create custom target custom audiences and build lead lists complete with email and phone numbers. We will also reach out to leads on your behalf and qualify them so you don't have to. Let us be your contract business development team!

Integrated Marketing

We specialize in all marketing disciplines and delivery including web development and on/off page SEO activities. We excel at content marketing including thought leadership blog posts, white papers, and more. We write compelling copy for use on-site, via social media, or guest posting. Product one-pagers, explainer videos, and sales enablement assets are just some of the many ways we can be your outsourced marketing team.


We specialize in company-wide implementation and customization of popular management platforms like Zoho One and with a focus on delivering actionable business information and giving you time back in your day. ERP for SMB.


Zoho One

We excel at complex deployments of Zoho One across all functional areas of your business. Not just your basic CRM installation, we customize each application to suit your business, including Inventory, Books, Meetings, ShowTime, SalesIQ, Marketing Automation, Payroll, Expense, and more.

Monday is a powerful, easy-to-use platform customizable to increase visibility and efficiency through your business's core competencies. From project management to collaboration, can even be customized to manage your inventory and production. 

Custom Engagements

In addition to custom implementations of off-the-shelf platforms, Marketomic builds complex and unique business applications that utilize Zoho Creator with a thorough implementation of Zoho's proprietary scripting language, Deluge. Through Deluge, Marketomic utilizes machine learning techniques to accomplish advanced functionality and control not found in other applications.


Combining the most popular sales and marketing platforms can be a daunting process. Utilizing smart deployment of low-code and no-code integration tools, we connect disparate SaaS platforms in ways that save you time and deliver real ROI.



Zapier connects just about any business application to another. However, when there isn't a fully supported 3rd party app, often you're not able to accomplish your goals. This limitation can often be overcome through the advanced use of webhooks, which we use when Zapier comes up short.

Zoho Flow

Zoho's response to Zapier, Zoho Flow does not have as wide support from 3rd party platforms, but it has the killer feature of utilizing Zoho Deluge script. Utilizing Deluge in the course of a "Flow," advanced data mutations are possible and do not cut into your subscription limit in the way that Zap Tasks can, which often results in a more expensive subscription level.

Zoho Creator

In addition to being our preferred platform for custom application development, Zoho Creator is a powerful companion to Zapier and Zoho Flow. Where either fall short, Zoho Creator picks up the slack with a fully-featured implementation of Deluge scripting and the ability to bridge gaps between platforms that require intermediary database access and logic.

Free Consultation

Give us 30 minutes. No strings attached. Tell us what is giving you heartburn at work and we’ll help you discover what steps need to be taken. If you can do it yourself, great! If we can’t do it, we’ll refer you. And if you’d like us to do it, we’ll give you a fair and complete quote for the work.


Great job on a super important project. Strong and frequent communicators who delivered high-quality work…on time as expected. I highly recommend Marketomic.
Great experience, all around.

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John G
CEO, New Front Office LLC

Marketomic did an excellent job with the scripts overall. They really went above and beyond, including some extra effort on their part to help make it a full solution rather than just a quick few pages. Their work really helped the project stand out to the stakeholders with immediate impact.

Toby S
Product Manager, HP

“If you’re looking for CTO level guidance to implement your vision and someone who can execute the details (a near impossible combination to find) Chris will not disappoint but delight.”

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Chris M
Founder, SightShift

This job was the top priority for my company and Chris jumped in right away and began navigating, Sutra, and Zapier. His communication throughout the project was outstanding.

Nalaverse logo
Anna M
Studio Operations, The Nalaverse

We needed a new corporate pitch deck to aid in business development. Marketomic not only did a great job on the project, we then hired them to lead outbound lead generation!

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Nate F
Founder, Reply Office

Regardless of the challenge, be it technical, marketing, operations, or otherwise, Chris has shown himself to be capable, innovative, and resourceful. Highly recommended.

Wallace S