Marketomic is a full-service management consulting agency that goes beyond strategy. We specialize in full-service execution of sales & marketing activities including content creation, platform integration, automation, reporting, analysis, and improvements. We are adept across all disciplines of sales and marketing and will tackle your business problem with experience, know-how, and a powerful drive to complete each project with results beyond your expectations.

Big, multi-national competitors are replete with tools and processes that are not cost-effective for the SMB market yet deliver desperately-needed functions that would elevate a company if they were. We specialize in making that happen.

Our mission


Our focus in our work and partnerships is to deliver:

  • Services that empower SMBs to win against the competition
  • Thought leadership that you can rely on
  • Automation that saves time and money
  • A+ content and marketing/sales enablement deliverables
  • A demonstrable ROI
  • Value that enables opportunities

How we work

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how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

“If you’re looking for CTO level guidance to implement your vision and someone who can execute the details (a near impossible combination to find) Chris will not disappoint but delight.”

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Chris M
Founder, SightShift

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