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Business Process Management with Zoho One

A Business Operating System is a class of software that provides cohesive, controlled flows of information to and from departments or functional roles in your business. They may comprise several platforms from different companies or a single platform that has expansion applications. Both scenarios are typically highly customizable. However, much of the functionality enjoyed by enterprise firms are not financially viable for small and medium businesses. Marketomic has a singular focus of bringing flexibility and functionality to your business by integrating disparate systems, implementing new solutions, and saving you hours, and focusing your time on the important things.

Zoho One is a prime example of a cost-efficient, low-code platform for small and medium businesses whose capabilities scale incredibly well. Off the shelf Zoho One may seem tame, but when you open up its capabilities the way Marketomic does, you shine a whole new light on your business – you’ll be surprised what you learn!

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How Zoho One Unifies Your Business

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Operations

Zoho One gives your sales team a comprehensive set of tools to sell efficiently across channels with a structured and repeatable sales process that takes you from lead to cash.

  • Sell across channels - When there are lots of ways to talk to customers, there are lots of ways to sell to them. Zoho One gives you tools to close deals across channels.
  • Define and automate your sales process - A sales process is a series of repeatable and predictable steps that you can improve over time. Zoho One helps you structure and automate your sales process for faster growth.
  • Create quotes, sales orders, and invoices - A handshake deal is one thing, a signed sales contract is another. Zoho One gives you tools to generate and sign contracts that get you paid on time.
  • Empower your sales team - Productive sales teams require more than a list of leads to call. Zoho One gives your sales team extra tools to stay motivated and connected with your organization.

Zoho One gives your marketing team a comprehensive set of tools to build your presence, send prospects the right messages, and get great returns on your marketing budget. 

  • Build and optimize your website - Whether you need a new website, or want to increase conversions for existing ones, Zoho One gives you tools to track performance and test new ideas.
  • Engage prospects across channels - There are multiple ways to engage prospects and customers. Zoho One gives you the tools to be in the right place, to say the right thing at the right time.
  • Automate marketing processes and boost your ROI - Repeatable and measurable marketing processes allow you to shorten sales cycles and better align your sales and marketing teams. Zoho One can help you do it.
  • Work as a team to get more stuff done - Marketing teams need tools to reach new customers. Zoho One provides those plus the tools to create content, collaborate with other teams, and stick to budget.

Zoho One gives your organization a comprehensive set of tools to fulfill orders quickly, manage internal and customer-facing projects, expand your business model, and create custom apps for your unique processes.

  • Fulfill orders and deploy services - Once a purchase is made, orders need to be processed. Zoho One gives you tools to fulfill orders and deploy services quickly to meet customer expectations.
  • Manage projects with your preferred methodologies - Different tools fit different types of projects and management styles. Zoho One gives you a range of project management tools to find the best way to get more stuff done.
  • Offer customers a client portal, online store, and subscription billing - Doing business online creates new opportunities to sell to and connect with customers. Zoho One gives you online tools to seize new opportunities and grow your business.
  • Create custom apps for unique processes - Differentiation and innovation are the hallmarks of great businesses. Zoho One gives you tools to create custom apps, integrations, and dashboards to increase your competitive advantage.

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This job was the top priority for my company and Chris jumped in right away and began navigating, Sutra, and Zapier. His communication throughout the project was outstanding.

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We needed a new corporate pitch deck to aid in business development. Marketomic not only did a great job on the project, we then hired them to lead outbound lead generation!

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