The Marketomic Method

The Marketomic Method is a 4-step process that is designed to help businesses streamline their operations and improve their performance. The four steps are Audit, Analyze, Advise, and Act.


In the Audit phase, we examine the current business status and processes to identify areas for improvement. This includes reviewing existing systems and processes, talking with stakeholders, and collecting data on key performance indicators. By doing this, we gain a deep understanding of the current state of the business and the challenges that need to be addressed.


In the Analyze phase, we collect and analyze customer data, process, people, and products to gain insights and identify opportunities for growth. We use a combination of data analysis, customer research, and industry benchmarks to identify areas where the business can improve its efficiency, productivity, and profitability.


In the Advise phase, we apprise the client of the actions that can lead to each desired outcome. We work with the client to develop a roadmap for success, outlining the key initiatives that need to be undertaken and the expected results. This roadmap is designed to be flexible and adaptable, so it can be adjusted as needed to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Finally, in the Act phase, we execute on the actions advised by Marketomic, working alongside the client to implement changes and improve their operations. We help clients optimize their processes, streamline their workflows, and introduce new tools and technologies to enhance their business performance.

Excellence Through Process

This method has been proven to be successful in achieving customer engagement and client satisfaction. By taking a comprehensive and strategic approach to improving business operations, we are able to deliver measurable results that meet the client’s goals and objectives. Our customized solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring that they receive the best possible outcomes. Ultimately, this leads to improved client satisfaction, enhanced business performance, and increased profitability.

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Great job on a super important project. Strong and frequent communicators who delivered high-quality work…on time as expected. I highly recommend Marketomic.
Great experience, all around.

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John G
CEO, New Front Office LLC

Marketomic did an excellent job with the scripts overall. They really went above and beyond, including some extra effort on their part to help make it a full solution rather than just a quick few pages. Their work really helped the project stand out to the stakeholders with immediate impact.

Toby S
Product Manager, HP

“If you’re looking for CTO level guidance to implement your vision and someone who can execute the details (a near impossible combination to find) Chris will not disappoint but delight.”

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Chris M
Founder, SightShift

This job was the top priority for my company and Chris jumped in right away and began navigating, Sutra, and Zapier. His communication throughout the project was outstanding.

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Anna M
Studio Operations, The Nalaverse

We needed a new corporate pitch deck to aid in business development. Marketomic not only did a great job on the project, we then hired them to lead outbound lead generation!

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Nate F
Founder, Reply Office

Regardless of the challenge, be it technical, marketing, operations, or otherwise, Chris has shown himself to be capable, innovative, and resourceful. Highly recommended.

Wallace S